„Ave color vini clari, ave sapor sine pari!”
"Welcome wine of brilliant color, welcome incomparable flavor!"


Allow us to introduce our company, which has been exporting Hungarian wines to several countries in the world. My name is Julianna Horváth, and I am a wine distributor with a university degree in oenology. I founded C. Wine Bt. in 1995, primarily to sell the products of newly established wineries.

My son, Zsombor A. Halász, has joined me in 2018, after acquiring a diploma in viticulture and oenology consulting. We are proud to be collaborating as two generations, combining several decades of experience with youthful energy and openness. Our company is involved in the production and sale of 35-40,000 hectoliters of bulk stum and wine annually.  

In 2023.02.01. I changed the form of the company to Kft. (Ltd.).


According to the Hungarian Statistical Office (KSH), 68,418 hectares of land was registered as grapery in Hungary in 2019. Between 2011 and 2019, the annual average wine production was 2,674,276 hectoliters, the production deviated from this average in only two years (2012 and 2018). While the quantity of graperies has seen a slight decline since 2015, the annual wine production has been somewhat increasing until 2019.


The vineyards and facilities of our grape- and wine-producing partners cover the whole country, including both conventional and organic (bio and biodynamic) vineyards. This ensures that our business partners can find the stum and wine they are looking for in any of the Hungarian wine regions. We collaborate with numerous wineries in the Trans-Danube Region (Balaton, Tolna, Villány, Pannonhalma, Neszmély) as well as in the Upper-Hungary Region (Eger, Mátra, Tokaj). The grape, stum and wine varieties produced by our partners include all of the well-known international varieties, as well as the Hungarian varieties.


Finding the desired grape variety or varieties, and selecting the most suitable plantations.

Production, quality control, and transportation of cleaned, refrigerated stum varieties.

For fresh and processed bulk wine: sampling, sample delivery, blending suggestions, preparing contracts, organizing transportation, and ensuring quality control among the parties.

Consulting related to marketing and developing strategies for international sales.

Production and export of wooden casks and barrels.

Consulting and expert assistance in the area of biodynamic grape and wine production.


Our philosophy is primarily governed by sustainability and responsibility for our environment. Equipped with expert knowledge and experience, as well as up-to-date market insights, we put our heart and soul into what we do. We take care of our environment wherever possible – our own garden has been cared for based on biodynamic principles for decades – this attitude is our second nature.

Biodynamic agriculture – grape- and wine production

The foundations of biodynamic agriculture was presented by Rudolf Steiner in the summer of 1924 in his lectures held in Koberwitz. The contents of his presentations are true to this day, and they are as important and relevant as ever.

Certain powers of Earth and the cosmos are manifested in agriculture through the materials of the Earth. Each aspect of human life is in contact with agriculture in one way or another.

The Earth is aging, the hills are eroding, there are fewer new volcanoes, fresh water is becoming scarce, and the bees are dying. It has to be renewed, since the Earth, the earth is only fertile soil if it is filled with life. In agriculture, the method of this renewal is the cultivation of plants (including grapes) and the keeping of livestock using the biodynamic approach, and producing food and drinks (stum and wine) using this approach.

The creation of wine begins with the grape. Real beauty appears in it spontaneously, and it manifests itself in its simplicity.

The winemaker’s calling is to dress up and decorate the wine, and to close it into a cask and then into a bottle. And the wine distributor’s job is to ensure that the wine reaches those consumers who need it, who have a great desire for wine in this 21st century.


„Légy üdvözölve ragyogó színű bor, légy üdvözölve páratlan zamat!”